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Frog City. - CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Gerry D

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Frog City. [Jun. 28th, 2006|10:54 am]
Gerry D
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Old Mill Tap, Frog City

There is a neighborhood in Johnston (RI), within the village of Thornton, bordered by the triangle of Plainfield, Mill, and Rachela streets which goes by the name Frog City among the locals, though you will never see that name on any map. It was probably termed Frog City because of the numerous frogs along the Pocasset River and ponds near Victoria Mill at Mill Street and Victoria Mount.

Apart from a couple of scattered car-repair shops, the former Priscilla Mill and Victoria Mill, a gym, a bar called the Old Mill Tap, there are few businesses. There is not much of anything here except some working class residences, single, two and three family homes. At one time St. Rocco's procession in the middle of August used to pass through here. At the edges of Frog City there used to be a marshy area with skunk cabbage by the Pocasset River.

Much of Frog City has been altered except for a few things. There used to be an odoriferous industrial dump. I remember a swimming hole where neighborhood kids went for a (skinny)dip in the 1940s. It was backed-up water that had passed through a tunnel which was a large circular metal conduit beneath the elevated pathway. I remember walking home from school through that path that went by this swimming hole and got scared to death by water mocassins which I thought might devour me. Such an impressionable lad, er, sissy! Since it is not far from where I live, I do a good deal of walking through this area. The old greenhouse I posted not long ago is located in Frog City.

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